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For those who are not sure of the type of visas they need, Askia Immigration Consulting Services is here to assist them in making the right choice.

Explore our FAQs:

If you have not heard from IRCC, consider raising a web form to request the status of your application. However, if the purpose of your travel to Canada is no longer valid, you can submit a new application indicating new intentions for visiting Canada. Contact us for more information.
IRCC will issue a visa with a validity that matches your travel document expiry date. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact us for advice.
If you realize that you have made a mistake after submitting your application to IRCC online, contact us for advice.
You cannot get an expedited service to process your immigration visas. Contact us for advice on processing time.
If you have an international connecting flight to take from Canada to the USA or another country, you will need a transit visa.
If you receive a refusal, you have the right to request the visa officer’s notes supporting the reason for the refusal. If you feel that the reasons are not satisfying, you can appeal by requesting a reconsideration. However, this process may take a considerable amount of time, and you must seek specialized immigration advice from a Canadian lawyer. Contact us for advice.
Askia Immigration Consulting Services is a regulated immigration firm based in Ghana, West Africa and provides personalized representation to clients and professional services to people who want to know about Canadian Immigration in particular and Canadian’s life in general. Our office is located in Accra, and our clients will have the unique opportunity to meet our Regulated Immigration Consultant in person and discuss their plans to immigrate, study or visit Canada.
We will ensure that your application meets the immigration program’s requirements by retaining our services. Askia Immigration Consulting Services is proud to provide exceptional client service to represent its clients in all their immigration requests with IRCC to increase their chances of being granted a Canadian visa.




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Please note that Askia Immigration Consulting Services does not authorize third parties to accept payments in cash on it’s behalf. We only request you make payments to Askia Immigration Services Trust bank accounts. Askia Immigration Consulting Services is a Ghanaian-owned firm and does not have representative agents, and its staff will never ask a client to meet at a public place such as a restaurant, cafe, or bar. Be aware of ghost consultants, and always contact us before engaging in immigration-related business.