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Canada is set to welcome 500,000 new immigrants in 2025!

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident you can sponsor your loved ones under the family class category.
Canada facilitates family reunification by permitting Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents to sponsor their family members. More than 100,000 newcomers arrive in Canada every year under the family class category.
The Parents and Grandparents sponsorship program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents and grandparents for Canadian permanent residence.

Explore our FAQs on sponsorship

You must meet the eligibility criteria to sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada. You must be able to support them financially, and ensure that you are not receiving any social assistance for reasons other than a disability. Please note that you cannot sponsor someone if you are a permanent resident living outside Canada. Contact us for an assessment.
You can sponsor your family if you plan to return to Canada once your spouse or partner becomes a permanent resident of Canada.
You can sponsor your adopted child to come to Canada. However, there are two processes that you must go through when you adopt a child from another country: the adoption process and the immigration process. Contact us for an assessment.
Your family can get a temporary resident visa while the sponsorship application is in process. However, they must ensure that they meet the requirements in applying for a visitor visa. Contact us for an assessment.
The processing time for a family sponsorship application can take more than 22 months.
Refusal is based on various factors and must be addressed when re-applying. A refusal decision is always difficult for an applicant. The best course of action is not to rush to re-apply right away. Contact us for an assessment on re-application.
If you are a permanent resident of Canada and are at least 18 years old, you can sponsor your family. However, you can’t sponsor someone if you’re a permanent resident living outside Canada.
Successfully sponsoring your family depends on various factors. You must meet some eligibility criteria to be able to start the process. Contact us for an eligibility assessment.
If you have applied within the normal processing time set by IRCC, contact us to assist you with a status request.

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