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Your studies can be a stepping stone for permanent residence and eventual citizenship should you decide that you wish to settle permanently in Canada!

A study permit is a document that will be printed at the port of entry once you have been issued a Temporary Resident Visa. However, not everyone is required to obtain a study permit. An acceptance letter is a key document to include in your application.
You can submit an application to extend your study permit at least 30 days before it expires. You must ensure that your passport is valid, as your permit will not be extended beyond the expiry of your travel document.
Not everyone is required to obtain a study permit to study in Canada. Contact us for more information.
Some accompanying minors do not need a study permit to study in Canada. However, when they reach the age of 18 or 19, they must apply for a Study Permit to continue studying. Contact us for more information.

Explore our FAQs on Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is an opportunity to acquire one of the world's best quality and internationally recognized degrees. Foreign nationals pay international student fees that are a bit high but generally lower than those in countries like the United Kingdom, USA or Australia. Fees may vary with the city or degree programme of choice. According to Statistics Canada's Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs (TLAC) survey report for 2022/2023, the average tuition fee for international undergraduate students is $36,123 while similar tuition fees for programs like Veterinary medicine (68,256), dentistry ($59,515) and medicine ($58,790) are higher. Also, the average tuition fees for international graduate students will be $21,111 while executive MBA ($76,687) and regular MBA ($41,767) programs are higher. Some universities offer cheaper tuition fees and some scholarships to international students.
You may work while studying in Canada and not need a work permit unless IRCC requires it for work related to a co-op or internship program. Contact us for more information.
Your chances of getting a study permit depend on various factors, and it is approved at the discretion of Canadian immigration officers. Contact us for more information.
You can travel outside Canada as long as you have a valid multiple-entry visa to re-enter the country. A determination to allow you to enter will be performed by a CBSA officer at the port of entry.
If the length of the program of study is more than six months, you will be required to submit a police certificate from your country of residence and from any other country you lived in for more than six months.
You can submit a new application for a study permit visa if you have been refused by ensuring that the reasons for the refusal have been addressed. Contact us for more information.
If you have applied within the normal processing time set by IRCC, contact us to assist you with a status request.
Some minor children may not need a study permit. Contact us for more information.

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